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Who Do You Look up to?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

"It is the Lord that advanced Moses and Aaron." 1 Samuel 12:6

What is the leader you most admire? Who do you hold in esteem? For Israel they revered Moses and Aaron. Moses, I can easily understand. He was a great, meek man of God who did fantastic things.

But Aaron?

I never did understand why Israel put him up on a pedestal. But then how many times are we blind to our favourite leader's faults? Does the world look on and whisper behind their hands, "Why do they like him? He's so wishy-washy and week willed. How can they forget how he made the golden calves?"

Then I read this verse and had to stop.

"It is the Lord that advanced Moses and Aaron." 1 Samuel 12:6

God put Aaron up on that pedestal. He saw and still sees something in Aaron I never did. So, no, I still don't know why God advanced Aaron, but He did. I ought to respect that.

I also had to take another look back at Moses. I needed to amend my statement of him. He was a great man of God, but he wasn't the one who did all those marvellous things. God worked through him. Without God, Moses would have been nothing.

Who do you look up to today? Who is the great leader in your mind? Is it so easy to see the man or woman and forget they are nothing in and of themselves.

It is God that advanced Moses and Aaron, and it is God that advances anyone.


Image by Image link: Child Thoughtful Boy - Free photo on Pixabay

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