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Journey to
Georgian England

where an ambitious beauty meets a humble clergyman and has her life turned upside down in A Heart Unsure by Dienece Darling.

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A Heart Unsure

Sparks fly in Georgian England when an ambitious beauty chasing everything the world can offer clashes with a clergyman devoted to a life of service.

Julie Townsend expects an imminent offer of marriage from a future baron when her father provides accommodation to a penniless clergyman. Now Julie questions the glittering life she always believed she wanted.

Andrew Hatfield, devoted follower of John Wesley, faithfully serves God on the streets of London while waiting to be given a parish of his own. But the pretty face of his host’s daughter tempts him to chase a different sort of life.

As the battle rages for their hearts, how will Julie and Andrew resist the glitter of temptation?

Previously released as Freeing Defeat

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