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Obedient Storms-Devotions with Dienece

No, I'm not talking about Jesus calming the storm today. We're not even in the New Testament.

Psalm 148 is actually a psalm of praise (seems an odd pairing for storms, doesn't it?). The psalm begins with 'Praise ye the Lord,' and repeats that theme 13 times, but verse eight struck me and made me pause to think.

Fire, and hail; snow, and vapour; stormy wind fulfilling his word: Ps. 148:8

We often talk about God bringing us through the storms of life, and in theory, we discuss how God has used (past tense is important here) these storms for His glory and our good. But have you ever sat there in the middle of a storm and thought, This storm is fulfilling God's word?

The wind tore the roof off your house?

It was obeying God.

Your whole city has been flooded for the second time this year?

The water broke its banks at the Lord's command.

A few years ago, Australia had been ravaged by floods and then the next year she suffered raging bushfires. Hadn't the floods been enough? So many had yet to recover the first devastation, and then to be wiped out again. All that was left, rebuilt gone in flames.

I lived far away from it all, but the smoke and soot still came our way, coating my garage door, rubbish bins, and anything left outside with red ash. The sky glowed with fire.

On the news, we watched people huddled in boats, cowered under blankets trying to breathe as their life glowed ember on the shore before them. I doubt anyone sat there thinking, This fire is fulfilling God's Word.

But what if we did?

What if instead of thinking God will turn this to my good after all is said and done, we sat in the middle of the storm and could say, 'This is the will of God. This right now."

I think it could really change us if we remembered God works in every circumstance even as the storm rages, not just afterward.

Can you image how much calmer you'd be on your roof as the flood waters invaded your house below? You'd be able to feel the comfort of His presence. His peace would reign in your heart.

I had an internal storm in May 2023. After placing well in many competitions, I received negative feedback, and I mean very negative feedback over my manuscript.

I saw the email just before I took my kids to school. I held myself together through the 45-minute school run. Although, I had to apologise to the kids a few times because they'd been talking to me, and I hadn't heard them since I was so deep in my own thoughts. When I finally got home, I allowed myself to cry.

I was supposed to be joining a writing group. Instead, I decided I needed time with God. My devotions couldn't wait. And wouldn't you know the first verse in my devotions challenged me?

"Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God: for it is pleasant: and praise is comely." Ps. 147:1 KJV

That verse struck my heart.

Storms in the heart? Praise is comely.

So, I started to thank God, and that storm inside eased a little. The praise became a balm to my pain.

Verse 3 talks about God healing the broken in heart. It too was just what I needed to hear. I'm not saying I bounced back right away. But normally setbacks like this leave me a mess for the rest of the day if not for days afterwards.

It's hard to regain your confidence when someone takes a baseball bat to it, but not this time. It took God only an hour to show me how this could be for my good.

What was the difference? I praised Him in the storm instead of asking why.

Praising God really does calm you even while the storm rages on.

Photo from wix media. Bible verse memes created by Dienece in Canva

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