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I Took a Picture

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

If you missed my blog post two months ago, you can read it here I Should Have Taken a Picture ( I thought I'd do a follow up post because I've had lots of opportunities to take a photo. I'm quite used to seeing a painting in my freezer now, but for some reason, I still forget to bring my phone along with me. I mean really isn't that one does when they go to the freezer?

It was once again a busy Sunday morning. This time, instead of grabbing meat from the freezer to defrost for dinner on our way out the door for church, I stopped to snap a picture. My husband caught me, and I was the sheepish one explaining why I was photographing the contents of our freezer. Luckily, he didn't seem to mind, and the mildly concerned look on his face went away like he was no longer questioning my sanity. Or maybe the jury's still out on that.

Ready to see it?

Yeah, I know my freezer is a little empty. I'd actually gone shopping the night before, but I'd asked my husband if he planned to put a painting in our freezer and shopped accordingly. And don't praise me for not having condensation everywhere, it's not anything I've done unless you count buying a refrigerator that likes to freeze my stuff when the weather changes, but the freezer almost never gets build up. Go figure.

Anyway, to finish off, here's what the final product looked like by Sunday night, or was it Monday? It was a long weekend, and I'm trying to remember if he popped it into the freezer overnight on Sunday too to keep the paint from drying. Anyway, maybe I'm biased because he's my husband and the flower shop is based off the one where he first purchased flowers for me, but I like it.

And, it's not named yet. If anyone wants to offer a suggestion, feel free. :)

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