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I Should Have Taken a Picture

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Well, I didn't think of grabbing my phone when I dashed to the freezer to snatch out the meat for dinner so it could defrost before we headed off to church on a busy Sunday morning. Who would? Of course, they probably wouldn't have expected to find an oil on canvas painting in the freezer either.

True, my husband had told me the night before he was going to put a painting in there. It wasn't the first time he'd talked about it, and the first time I'd caught him trying to wrangle a painting into my freezer he'd gotten this most adorable, sheepish look on his face. Supposedly, the theory was that freezing the painting would keep the paint from drying so he could work on it the next day. He'd decided not to do it that time.

Well, he did last weekend, and it took me aback when I first opened the door. You'll just have to imagine opening your freeze door on a busy Sunday morning just before you rush off to church and finding an oil painting taking up a whole shelf. It was interesting.

However, did it work? Did freezing the painting overnight keep the paint from drying? Yes it did, and I personally think it turned out fantastic (even if I secretly hope I don't find more paintings in my freezer in the near future, but then perhaps, I'll get used to it after awhile).

While I didn't take a picture of it in the freezer, I did ask my husband to take a picture of the finished product. I love it! (So, maybe it'll be okay with me if he wants to do it again.)


My husband has utilized the freezer many, many times since the above post. I don't even get startled anymore (insert giving myself a pat on the back here). You can click the following link if you'd like to see a picture. I Took a Picture (

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