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Winning Title Announced

Updated: May 19, 2023

Last month, I announced a soon-to-be-released short story free to all my subscribers, and you got to pick the title! It was a tight race. The lead changed many times, but the winner (by two votes!) was...

Pursuing Prayer.

Uncertain Future was a close second (my apologies to my nephews who were really hoping this one would win.) If you didn't vote for the winning title, I hope it grows on you, and that you love the story anyway. My appreciation to everyone who participated and made my first contest such fun because it really was fun. Uncertain Future and Pursuing Prayer tied many times, and the tight race kept me guessing and laughing up to the very end. I hope you enjoyed it too.

I'm tweaking 3 potential covers with the winning title. You'll have a chance to vote on them later this month, Lord willing, but here's the blurb of Pursuing Prayer to tie you over until then.

Everything should have been Catherine’s and hers alone.

In London 1733, Catherine Fox expects to inherit everything from her father until he remarries just before passing away. With a possible heir jeopardizing their future, Catherine’s husband is furious. Not even the possibility of the babe being a girl soothes him, but surely, sharing her inheritance with a sister must be better than losing everything to a little brother. Perhaps prayer will help. Only, can she trust God to give the right answer?

As time passes, Catherine begins to wonder if the pursuit of prayer ever results in anything more than bruised knuckles against the closed doors of Heaven.

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