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September's Newsletter 2023

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Dear Friends,

It's not cloudy in Melbourne! That's right. The sun is shining, and it's a lovely spring day. And how do I celebrate? By getting laundry done. ;)

Some of my subscribers may not understand this quirk since, in parts of the world, a dryer is frequently utilized. I'm a bit old fashioned. I hang things out to dry as many Australians do (bit tricky in winter hence my 'celebration.'). This rotary hoist clothesline was actually on my wedding gift list!

But enough about that never-ending topic.

For this newsletter, I thought to share a little about the main couple in my upcoming freebie for subscribers due for release in December. So, without further ado.

Meet: Julie Townsend

Julie Townsend, the only child of country squire Mr. Townsend. In London during the 1764 season for the sole purpose of securing herself a good match.

Julie loves jewellery and pretty gowns and dreams of becoming Lady Kingston. Although a dear friend recently caught a viscount looking Julie's way, and that would work just as well.

It's a rather inconvenient time for a friend of her father's to come upon the scene with nothing much to recommend him. He keeps digging up questions about what is good for Julie and just when it looks like the future Lord Kingston might propose any day!

Meet: Mr. Hatfield

Mr. Hatfield is the third son of country squire and a parson-in-waiting under the tutelage of Mr. John Wesley.

With his father sadly in reduced circumstances, Mr. Hatfield has a tiny stipend to live on until he is offered a parish of his own. Wesley might treat the world as his parish, but Hatfield longs for his own dear flock to tend. But with so many second and third sons of gentry all vying for a position in the church, Hatfield might be waiting a long time.

It's a most inconvenient moment for the daughter of his dear friend Mr. Townsend to breeze into his life with her wispy hair and dazzling eyes. He has much more important things to concentrate on then to argue with the beguiling Miss Townsend about a few blemishes on the loaves of bread they are donating to the poor. She's rather exasperating, and he'll have to steel his heart to her allurements.

So, dear reader, what do you think of our couple? Will they let inconvenience rule the day, or will God have His way after all?


I need help!

Did you notice I haven't given Mr. Hatfield a first name? Thankfully, men were mostly addressed by their last names in the 1700s, so this hasn't really affected me in writing the story. However, I still think Mr. Hatfield needs a first name. What about you?

Click on this link and vote for Mr. Hatfield's first name!

(Voting has closed. Stay tuned for the results!)

In other writing news

I've entered another contest, am preparing to enter the first five pages of book 2 in a different contest, and I am also gathering together a proposal for an agent. Please be in prayer with me about all of these!

Well, I hope you are looking forward to reading Freeing Defeat this coming December. Thank you all for your support and prayers on my behalf. Until next time! (And don't forget to vote for Mr. Hatfield's name!)

God Bless,

Dienece Darling


The public domain image (as follows the US standards) used for Julie is a painting by Eugene de Blass called "A Young Beauty 2".

The public domain image (as follows the US standards) used for Mr. Hatfield is a third son of an earl, John Grey.

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