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November Newsletter 2023

Dear Friends,

I've got exciting news! On Wednesday, I had the honour of pitching my novel to Cynthia Ruchti of Books and Such Literatry Agency. She enjoyed the premise of my novel and encouraged me to submit my book proposal. Yeah!

And, as if that wasn't enough, also on Wednesday, I found out that I'm a finalist in this year's ACFW First Impressions contest! Winners will be annouced December 15th (USA time), immediately after my novellette goes live. What a busy time!

So, I might have had an achy head, runny nose, and a cough thanks to catching COVID from my husband, but I kept forgetting those and grinning about my great day.

FYI, the children are fine, and hubby and I are starting to feel better. Or maybe I'm still in the euphoria bubble of good news. Either way, I'm smiling, so what does it matter? :)


What else have I been up to in my writing world besides agents, contests, and fighting off COVID?

I had the opportunity of having two mentor appointments through the virtual Royal Writer's Conference. (I highly recommend this conference to writers.)

My first mentor appointment was with historical novel podcaster Kylee Woodley last week. I woke up that morning like the other 10 million Optus customers to discover we had no phone or internet access for 9 hours. Thankfully, the public library is not with Optus, so I had my mentor meeting there. So, no stressing out like the lady in the photo.

Public WIFI is a blessing!

My second meeting went much smoother with author Erica Vetsch. I've long been a fan of Erica's work and couldn't help fangirling just a tiny bit. :) But I also got a bucket load of research books and tips to grow my supporter group.


If you haven't heard, the results for naming our hero in Freeing Defeat are in. Can't wait for you all to meet Mr. Andrew Hatfield.


One thing the agent said was that I need to increase my subscriber list. So, please, I could use your help.

If you enjoy my blog and really want to see my books in print, please help by spreading the word!

Valid until December 13th.

Yes, it really does help. If you are comfortable doing so, it would be great if you shared the photo above (or even this blog). If you don't want to share online, you can even do it the old fashioned way. You know, talk to a person. ;) That works too!

Thank you.


Why did I release two devotionals this month?

Well, it wasn't intentional, and I've taken the extra blog down. I've come to trust God either wanted someone to read my initial writings on the fruit of the Spirit, or He wanted to see if I'd respond in the fruit of the Spirit when my blog misfired. Ah... well, if it was the latter, might be a good idea to move forward my intention to study that subject. Oops.

Wix has promised any further blogs moved into trash will cancel any scheduled actions. I rather thought that was the point of putting something in trash, but anyway, moving on!


Before I leave you, there's just one more thing I'd love to share.

Have you ever had that moment when you're reading the Bible, and you do a double take on a verse?

The prophet Isaiah talks about putting on a breastplate of righteousness and a helmet of salvation. I'm so used to seeing that in Ephesians 6. It was cool to see it in Isaiah 59:17. Anyway, I found that fun, and I hope you did too.

Until next time, thank you for your support and prayers.

God Bless,


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