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May's Books with Dienece 2024

Looking for something to read?

Why not one of these beauties I've read in the last month? But first, let me introduce myself in case we haven't met.

I'm inspirational historical romance author, Dienece (a fancy spelling for Denise) Darling. While I focus my writing on Georgian England, I read widely within inspirational genres, especially romance.

Now, let's talk books!


No Journey too Far by Carrie Turansky

This is a sequel but works well as a standalone too. This series explores a time when children were sent to Canada during the child immigration scheme of the 1800s-early 1900s. Some children were lovingly adopted, and others used for what amounted to slave labour. I thoroughly enjoyed this series.

In book two, we pick back up with some siblings we met in the first book, but many years later after World War 1. A sort of 'What was life like for those children when they grew up' type of book. Very interesting reading!

Daring to Dream by Miranda D Nelson

Fake dating Regency style! They have a rocky start, but by the time they toured around town, I began to like the hero. It was good company while I was sick on Mother's Day.

This book isn't classified as Christian, but it's like an Amish story. Everyone attends church, no one talks that much about God, but the story is clean and wholesome. Nothing that will make you blush. So, if you like clean romances without a big focus on faith this is for you!

Doctor's Snowflake Bride by Lacy Williams

She came to marry a man who didn't show up, and he came to meet his nurse... who didn't show up!

I loved this Western and must share this beautiful, inspirational quote the Pastor's wife used to encourage the downtrodden bride. "It doesn't matter where you come from. It matters that you're His (God's)." I loved this sweet story, and FYI, last I looked it was free on Amazon (not kindle unlimited free but $0 free). So, check it out!

Marrying the Mountain Man's Best Friend by Misty M. Beller

In this novella, a Salish Warrior takes a white bride in a marriage of convenience. Not your normal Western!


Believing in Blessings: Amish Hearts in Hopewell by Sylvia Price

After the prequel Unexpected Gifts, I wanted to read Gabriel and Anna's happy ending. You can enjoy this without the prequel, but I thought Unexpected Gifts added some sweet scenes to the story. I enjoyed watching this Amish farmer and his best friend's sister find their happily ever after along with an unexpected buddle of kids he inherited.

The Grump Who Doesn't Belong Next Door by Emily Dana Botrous

I laughed and laughed through this rom com! And you'll find a longer review down in book mentions.

One Final Target by Janice Cantore

I liked how Cantore could keep tension without someone being shot at or run off the road every second (although those do happen too). There were good stretches with internal tension and thoughtful intrigue. I began to think she must have really talked to someone in the police force for how natural the jargon came to her. Then I read her bio. She was a police officer for 22 years, no wonder she knows her stuff!

Beneath the Surface by Lynn H. Blackburn

I told myself I shouldn't read anymore before bedtime, but then I looked at the clock and thought, "Bedtime is 30 minutes away. That's plenty of time to read. I'll be fine." Famous last words.... I was late to bed.

A cracking romantic suspense! Plus, I loved the whole little sister in love with the big brother's best friend. Awesome book.


North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson

Yes, I'm still technically reading this to my 13-year-old, but I'm also the one who dashed off to the library after we finished North! Or Be Eaten because the next book in the series was in, and I didn't want to miss a night of reading. It's safe to say I am really enjoying this!


Book Mentions

The Grump Who Doesn't Belong Next Door isn't only a grumpy/sunshine; it doubles as a farm girl/city boy story (such fun tropes!). There is plenty of banter, hilarious moments, flying cake (and other flying things), and grumpy moments (on both sides!). She calls him Suits, and he doesn't want to admit he likes it.

It's not all fun and games and smouldering kisses. Both Andrew and Charlotte have reasons why they aren't free to marry, and they have to work those out. Plus, they have their own issues with God to deal with.

This was a fun contemporary romance with heat/attraction levels similar to Karen Witemeyer and Mary Conneally.

Small-town Iowa? Not for this big-city attorney. Too bad his plans for a quick exit are mired by the girl next door.

Lottie: I have no time to waste on glass-half-empty people. My daughter and I have had enough of that in our lives, thank you very much. So when my neighbor’s grumpy son arrives in my hometown, turning his nose up at every Iowa corner, it’s no skin off of my back. But I can’t help teasing him. It’s sooo easy to ruffle his feathers. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes. Win win.

Anthony: My plan? Three weeks in Podunkville, Iowa until my mom recovers from her stroke. Then back to Atlanta. Civilization. My upcoming promotion to senior lawyer. I have no interest in forming any attachments in Red Rock Place. Even if my new next-door neighbor and her spunky daughter are a daily dose of sunshine I never knew my life was missing.

But then there’s the matchmaking. The fake date that isn’t really fake. The cake explosion. Oh, and the cow. (Really, God? We could have skipped that one…) Let’s just say, things are not going according to my plan.

The Grump Who Doesn’t Belong Next Door is a clean, Christian romantic comedy that will put a smile on your face and touch your heart. It was previously published in the 2023 limited-time charity multi-author anthology "You Have Made My Heart."

Read this grumpy/sunshine story here!


Fancy a pile of free books?

Then check out this Spring Collection of Christian/Clean/Sweet FREE books! (Collection ends June 10th)

Please note:

Not all of these are Christian, but most of the authors list their books as wholesome and/or clean. Only one of the authors also writes steamy.

But, since a friend asked, I made a list of all the authors in the promo who list their books under Christian/religious romance, mentioned God in their bio, or had something God-related in their book blurb.

I've put an * next to authors I've read or heard of being Christian:

Mary Asher*, Edwina Kiernan*, Charlotte Fitzwilliam, Sylvia Price*, Carmen Peone, Nikki Wilton, Karen Tucci, Penny Zeller*, Chelsea Hale, Charity Phillips, Daisy Flynn, Anna Jensen*, Philippa Jane Keyworth*, Miranda Stone, Rachel Knowles*, Jenna Brandt, Emily Dana Botrous*, Camille Elliot*, and Ann Laurel

If you are unsure and only reading Christian matters to you, then please check out the authors yourself. I easily found all the authors I listed above on amazon, and many probably have websites you can check out too.

One of the benefits of a promo like this is that it allows me to find authors (yes, I actually enjoyed browsing through this list!). Amazon can be a jungle and trying to weed through their millions of authors is so hard. But here is a more manageable list of authors who claim their books are either Christian, clean, or sweet. Have fun browsing!

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