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Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition 2021

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

There are times in life you make a mistake.

So, I read about a competition on a Christian website. The theme for 2021 was 'courage'. The anthology the year before had angel wings on the cover, and I made an assumption. Haven't we all done that? So, it turns out the Sydney Hammond Memorial Competition was not a Christian competition. However, I am humbled they chose one of my two submissions for their publication. I made the longlist. It's exciting. It's even baffling.

I've heard people say they are inclusive, non judgemental, and then refuse anyone who mentions religion or God. I mentioned God twice in my little story Time Machine. I even had the girl pray and talk about the Bible too! While I will admit to cringing a little at the titles I saw surrounding my story in the Long List. I am still blown away that I was chosen. They had other options. They could have said, "Yes, inclusion, but really perhaps not stories about God." Instead, they chose my story, and I'm humbled. I pray that God will use my mistake for His glory. God's good at at that. Not that we ought to go around making mistakes on purpose mind you, but even when we stuff up, God can still work through us. Every author that is longlisted gets a copy of the anthology, and I pray they'll read my submission and perhaps, just perhaps, God can use it to lead someone to Him.


Changes to image by: Dienece Darling

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