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"Be Ye Not as the Horse"

Updated: Jan 21

Yeah, okay the title sounds a bit strange but hear me out.

"Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle." Ps. 32:9

Have you seen a horse that doesn't want to walk the right way? The bridle constrains them. Our service to God shouldn't be forced. We ought to desire to do the right thing, not be constrained to it.

Yes, we ought to fear God, but have you ever trained a dog? There is a dog that snarls and snaps at you. Oh, he cowers down and 'obeys' out of fear, but it is a fear mingled with rebellion and hate not a wish to do right.

Then there is a dog that cowers and whimpers because they know they've displeased you and they hate that they displeased you. They don't fear punishment so much as their own conscience flays them for the trust they betrayed.

Which dog would you trust to do the right thing? The one who fears the back swing of your hand, or the dog whose love for you makes them want to please you?

Be not as the horse that must be constrained to do right. Fear God, He can punish your sins fiercely, but obedience that is forced is never as productive as obedience from love.

Train your heart not to need a bit and bridle. Develop a thirst, a love for righteousness and you will be more productive.


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