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A Rollercoaster Month

As the title says, this month was a rollercoaster for my writing career. I didn't make finals for the Genesis Contest. That was disappointing, but at least a lady I know did get through. I've been holding to the belief that God said no for a reason, and I'm trying to be open and listen for what that might be.

However, I promised you a rollercoaster, right? We've talked about the steep drop, ready to loop-the-loop?

My novel has made the finals for the Caleb Award!
Also, I have my first opportunity to guest blog on another author's website.

On Monday the 27th (if you live in America, and the 28th if you live in Australia) you can check out this link to see my guest blog on Donna's page: Please remember this link is not live until the 27th. I'm so excited about this new opportunity and grateful to Donna for allowing even unpublished authors like me to contribute to her blog. I'll post the link on my Facebook page when it is live.

On the 24th, I sent in my full manuscript to the finals round for the Caleb Award (the unpublished category). Winners will be announced Oct. 8th. Now, I need to convince my heart to calm down so I can sleep at night. :)

Quite the turn around, wasn't it?

I was doing okay with the disappointment of not getting through the Genesis Contest. That doesn't mean I didn't need to work off some of that disappointment with projects around the house, but I didn't hear my family complaining that projects were finally be done. :) Then four days later, I get the news I've made the finals for another competition. It's been quite the ride.

Thankfully, it doesn't matter if you are in the valleys, climbing the hill, looping the loops, or riding the peaks, God is always right there with us.


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