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Remember to Tremble-Devotions with Dienece

Updated: Jan 19

It was a busy morning.

One kid had the day off school. The other had a swimming carnival, which meant plenty of unusually preparation during the morning. I even had three loads of graduation gowns to wash (from my other day job as the secretary of a Bible College). But eventually everyone was where they were supposed to be, and I'd caught up on the things I was supposed to be doing. Except for one thing.

My devotions had fallen by the wayside.

Yeah, I know. We all have busy days, but as I mentally ticked off things, God kept nudging me that I'd forgotten one very important item. One I should not have put off.

Finally, I set my phone and computer aside and opened my Bible to my daily reading. And what do I see in the very first verse?

"The LORD reigneth; let the people tremble." Ps. 99:1

I think we are prone to forget how powerful, how awesome, how inspiring God is.

In the business of our lives. In our familiarity of God. We trust in His mercy and kindness until we end up taking advantage of His glorious attributes. Taking advantage because He knows our frailty.

Just because He knows our frame and understands doesn't give me a license to continue in sin. How did Paul say it? "Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid!"

And yet, that is exactly what we do. We know He will forgive whosoever asks, so we stop trembling in His presence. We take Him for granted.

Whatever you are doing today. Take a moment to tremble at Him. He is worthy.

Image by pexels, free for use and modification. Bible verse added by Dienece Darling

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