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In The Way

Updated: Jan 21

Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the LORD. Ps. 119:1

Now, this might seem a little odd at first. There are several ways to picture 'in the way.' Today, I'd like you to consider this one:

"Hey, you're in my way!"

You know what it's like. Kids, pets, and even grownups (who should know better) can get in the way.

I'm not suggesting you make a nuisance of yourself, but how can God use someone who pretends they are a shadow, hiding in a corner out of the way? Hoping they won't get picked.

Be the one who raises their hand and volunteers.

Now, I would be completely remiss if I did not mention the fact this verse says 'undefiled in the way.' You can be 'in the way' all you like but if you aren't pure and obeying God, you've missed the point. And you won't be blessed.

Think in the world but not of the world

This world can be a rough place, but when you see someone doing the right thing, it's like seeing a flower growing out of a cliff face.

Imagine yourself, puffing and sweating from a steep climb. You're tired and exhausted, but then you strain to pull yourself up over the cliff face and viola! There is a lovely little white daisy waving in your face. It lifts your heart and helps you keep going. To know there is beauty even in such rugged terrain.

It's the same when we find someone 'undefiled in the way'. They are blessed by God, and our hearts are blessed to see them walking in the law of the Lord, clean and sincere. No matter what is going on around them.

Take care in the choices you make to follow the law of the Lord and put yourself in places so that when God is looking for someone there you are 'in the way' and 'undefiled.'


First image created in by Dienece Darling

Second image by free to use without permission under the Pixabay license

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