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Give An Account

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

It may not be a long devotional post today, but I hope the message lingers with you.

“So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” Romans 14:12

I knew this verse well, but it wasn't until I read the following that an image got stuck in my head. I couldn't get it out, and that's probably a good thing because it was important.

"'Give an account'... literally a word given. Thus, give an account, give a talk or speech before the Almighty God!" Richard Hester*

I have tried to picture Heaven before. The moment we cast our crowns at Jesus' feet, and when everything we've done will pass through the fire. Only, the things done for Jesus will survive that test.

But in all my imagining, I pictured myself silent, the spectator. I never thought God would expect an account with all the whats, whys, and wherefores.

It seemed safer to assume I'll be struck dumb (which I probably will be). That I'll be so overwhelmed that I won't be able to speak (still probably gonna happen), but God won't be standing there accepting my silence, delighting in my humbling. He'll be expecting me to say something, desiring me to speak and give an account.

Then I started wondering what I was going to say in what will be the most important presentation of my life.

May I humbly ask if you've given thought to what you'll say to God? Will you be ashamed of some things in the report?

Fine print doesn't work with God.

Everything will be out in the open. It's a sobering thought.

And if you can't find much worth reporting, might I humbly suggest you start doing something now?

It's not too late to finish well.


* Quote taken from page 134 of New Testament Bible History Handbook by H. Richard Hester c. 2008

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Nov 01, 2022


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