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"Catching the Past Blog" April 2024

Updated: Apr 9


When I first saw this word, I thought of cute, cuddly teddy bears. That is so not what this is.

Bugbears are like the 'boogey man.' It's a terrifying little demon bear meant to needlessly scare people, especially children as it eats small children.

I read 'bugbear' in a 1870s book I'm reading for research. The character was talking about people who had abandoned their faith and chose to think of God as a useful bugbear to keep us in line*. It's a pity people still think this way today.

God is not a bugbear. He is very real. The danger is real.

Have you told anyone lately about God? They don't have to face a fierce judge. They can come to a loving Heavenly Father, but only if they know Him. So, let's get busying spreading the Word!


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*The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope in chapter XVI "The Bishop and the Priest", Wordsworth Classics.

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