What has Dienece written for Women of Faith? 

Dienece won third place in the Stories of Life 2021 competition 'Short Category' for her contribution "Lessons from Toilet Training". You can click on the link below to purchase it directly from the publishers. It is also available elsewhere like Amazon and the Book Depository.

Starting March 2022!
Dienece will be releasing a flash fiction every odd month on the 2nd Friday of that month. Topics will vary. Click on the read more button if you'd like to be redirected to those blog posts.

The first day of every month Dienece releases a 2-3 minute devotional read. Click on the 'Read More' button to be taken directly to the devotional blogs.

Coming February 2022! 
Every odd month on the 3rd Friday of the month, Dienece will review a current book (no less than 3 years old) or a blast from the past (an old favourite) that she has read.