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Pick the Dog

Updated: Jan 13

Voting is now closed! Stay tuned for the announcement.

My next book will feature a dog. Only, what sort will it be? Well, you get to decide!

Will my heroine have a cute mut puppy she rescued from the street, or will she pamper her father’s an old ex-hunting dog (a beagle)?

Comment on this blog with your vote, and if you want extra votes, head over to my Facebook Page or Instagram account and vote there too!

Shh! Top Secret!

If you are a subscriber, I'll send out a special email in a few days with the winning announcement and an extra surprise just for you, so keep an eye out!

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Jan 10

Family Beagle for my vote!! More shared history between the 2 and possible funny stories & childhood adventures. Plus, such emotion in those puppy eyes and their sad mundane expressions are amusing! 🐶 😍

Replying to

I'll keep your interesting ideas in mind if the beagle wins! Thanks for voting and for the tips. ;)


Jan 09

Rescue puppy 😍

Replying to

Noted! Thanks for voting.

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