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A Day with God

Updated: May 19

A Ps. 84:10-12 adaption

A thousand ordinary days had preceded this one.

You know the ones I mean. You wake up. You do all things you normally do, then you go to sleep. It's just another ordinary day lost in a sea of other ordinary days. All as unmemorable as the last one.

But not today.

The sun burns hot. I forgot to apply sunscreen. This will end horribly later.

Except a little shade is offered from the veranda. Perhaps, my skin will survive after all.

Thousands are excepted today. Well, perhaps that's stretching it. God isn't as popular as He used to be. It will probably just be hundreds, but they feel like thousands as I answer the same questions and offer the same greeting.

"Welcome to the National Baptist Fellowship 2023! We are so pleased you could come. Please, come in and find a seat in the main auditorium."

"Yes, the service starts in..." I push back the cuff of my crisp black suit jacket to consult my watch, "half an hour."

"Yes, we have refreshments. There are servers inside wandering around with platters of sandwiches and biscuits, and tea and coffee are on the tables to your left." I wouldn't mind one of those myself, but the servers don't come out here. "Just make sure you finish before continuing into the auditorium. We promised the owners we wouldn't allow food or drink in there."

The litany should be monotonous. I've repeated it way too many times. Sort of like those people whose job is to stand in the international section of the airport and repeat the same line about passengers having their boarding passes and passports ready for inspection, and should anyone have x, y, z, foods please dispose of them in the bins provided. I always wondered if those people are still saying the same words in their sleep at night.

Will that be me tonight?

And yet, there is a buzz in the air. The words might have been drilled into me. The answers I poured over and studied so that I could supply the right words to every inquirer should feel bland I've spouted them so many times. Yet, they feel fresh, exciting.

I'm not behind the pulpit with every eye on me. I'm the face at the door they will soon forget.

I'm not in the choir. One of the heavenly voices people sit and sigh over while praising God. Trust me, my voice is better suited for talking than singing.

Who even remembers all the random people they bumped into at an event? They will forget me in an instant. I'm nothing but the doorkeeper. I'm not even inside the building!

And yet, this day is better than those thousand ordinary ones I lived before it. This day will live on in my memory forever. I know I've done my best for God. I've given Him everything. I may stand here at the door alone while everyone else gets to go inside, but I'm not really alone. This is in the service of God, and He is standing here with me just as much as He is with those inside.

God is like the sun beaming down to bring joy and warmth to us all, but He is also the shield above my head. The veranda protecting me from the harsh rays of light. He has bathed me with grace and glory because I've honoured Him with my service. I've never felt so blessed as I do standing here at the doors of God's house.

This day I will remember forever.

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. For the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee. Ps. 84:10-12


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